Friday, March 13, 2009

OSGi BOF at EclipseCon

Update 3/16: Multiple OSGi BOFs at EclipseCon - Monday evening is the general OSGi BOF and Tuesday evening is the Enterprise OSGi BOF.

A week from Monday (wow time flies) the OSGi BOF will be held at EclipseCon. My EEG co-chair and I will be presenting an overview of the upcoming 4.2 OSGi specification release. The goal is to summarize the release and start a discussion. BJ and Peter are also going to be there, as are several other members of the core platform and enterprise expert groups, so this should be a good opportunity to engage the folks working to finish things up.

As this last sentence implies, the release is not yet completed, although it is being released in stages, and the core is about done. The compendium will follow, and later this year a collection of Java EE component mappings. So there is still an opportunity for feedback and input.

This week we also prepared another early release draft (third one) for approval by the OSGi Board, and with any luck this will be available early next week. It includes further updates to the RFCs (i.e. design docs) from which the specification updates are derived, some RFCs for Java EE mappings that haven't been previously published, and early drafts of the updated core and compendium.

We also just completed three days of (intense!) EG meetings, and therefore will have some recent updates to share.

Hope to see you at the 'Con! If not, please take a look at the early drafts and submit feedback.

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