Thursday, April 9, 2009

Webinar on Enterprise OSGi Tuesday April 14

I wanted to let you know about the webinars I'll be doing next Tuesday, April 14 (sponsored by Progress Software) on the enterprise edition of OSGi.

I'll be going over details about the enterprise OSGi work, including the background on it, the release schedule, and what we're still working on. I'll also be giving some details on the OSGi related open source projects that Progress Software is involved in.

Here are the registration links (the content is the same, just the time is different, to accommodate folks in different time zones):
If you want, you can attend both and see whether I do better first thing in the morning (!) or after lunch ;-)

I hope you can join. I've been involved in this effort from the beginning, and it's been very interesting. We are not done, but we are getting close to a major milestone this summer. As always, I'm interested in feedback.

Partial description copied here from the registration site FYI:

"The arrival of the new version of OSGi in mid 2009 represents an important new step for enterprise Java toward improved modularity, development efficiency, and dynamic deployment capabilities. The WebCast describes the new enterprise capabilities of the OSGi framework, highlights Progress' FUSE [open source projects], and outlines the future of what is quickly becoming the most important standard in Java today.

The enterprise edition of the OSGi specification (R4.2) includes:

--Enhancements to the core framework specifically designed to support enterprise application requirements
--A new OSGi Blueprint Service derived from the Spring Framework to simplify development of OSGi-based applications
--A new Distributed OSGi service that allows OSGi services to communicate with each other remotely, using multiple protocols and formats"


  1. thank you for the webinar. Enjoyed it quite much!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for attending.

  3. Thanks for a very helpful webinar. I just skimmed RFC 124. What is the relationship of OSGI Blueprint XML to Spring XML and Guice/DI? I have too much XML already.

  4. Gary, thanks for attending and the compliment.

    The OSGi Blueprint service is derived from Spring XML, so you should find them very similar.

    I believe Guice/DI would be an alternative to Spring. The Peaberry project builds on that to provides a similar dependency injection capability for OSGi. See